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Nat's Website

Links to recent working papers and blog posts

Nat’s Website

Nathan (Nat) Goodman December 1, 2019

Welcome to my incipient website! It’s just a landing page with links to recent working papers and blog posts. Clicking on a title takes you to the latest released version of the article on GitHub Pages. For articles published on blogs elsewhere, there’s also a link to the posting.

About Me

I am a retired computer scientist. I spent the first half of my career doing mainstream CS and the second half in bioinformatics. I split my years pretty evenly between academia and industry. My academic positions included faculty spots at Harvard and Boston University, and research scientist positions at the Whitehead Institute Genome Center (led by Eric Lander), the Jackson Laboratory, and the Institute for Systems Biology (in Lee Hood’s lab). In industry, I mostly worked in startups and other small companies with positions running the gamut from programmer to president. As a retiree, I’m working on an eclectic mix of projects that interest me, stopping from time-to-time to write papers and posts on aspects that might interest others. I’m also doing a little consulting for select clients developing innovative, important products.

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